Fleet Insurance

Insurance for Vehicles

When you insure your fleet here, at Iran Insurance, you can enjoy all benefits listed below:

Special corporate rates

Flexibility with choosing your preferred workshop

Wide coverage

Every comprehensive policy comes with all following items by default:

  • Off-road cover -

    Sometimes your vehicles might be driven or parked on unpaved locations. Should
    there be any unfortunate accident while they are out there, you will be covered just as if they were on road!

  • Extension of cover to Oman
  • World-class 24/7 roadside assistance -

    Your vehicles will be registered with International Motoring Club - a quality roadside assistance company. They can then avail its assistance for free, should they need towing service, battery boosting, emergency fuel, flat tire replacement, lock out service, and much more!

  • Assistance with RTA registration -

    Your cars are collected, taken through the tests and registered with RTA. We will take care of the queue and the process; you just settle the RTA fees and fines if any!

  • Cover against third party liabilities
  • Cover for driver and all passengers
  • Cover for damages to your vehicle body

Option to repair at manufacturer's workshop up to five years

Option to cover natural calamities

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